At Lulu’s Apron we believe food is love. From mother's first milk to grandma's homemade soup, food is how we connect and show love for others. Lulu’s Apron was born out of a desire to create and share our love of fresh bold flavours, to help you make beautiful memories and lasting connections. Our passion lies in creating foods that play on your palate: a sweet note here… a hint of savoury there… the perfect amount of heat... We make everything - and we mean EVERYTHING - from scratch using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and bucketloads of love. We live, breathe, create (and eat!) great food and we are committed to exceeding your culinary expectations.


Chef Danya Smith grew up in Kingston, Jamaica in a home where the three main ingredients were family, friends and good food. Blessed to have parents who loved to travel (and took her with them!), Danya was exposed to a world of flavours at an early age. While her friends watched cartoons, Danya focused on the Food Network. Her cooking skills blossomed in her Grandma Lulu’s kitchen, starting with Saturday soup and Sunday brunch. By the time she was 10 she was making coquilles saint jacques and phyllo-wrapped chèvre for family dinners.

Danya moved to the BC coast in 2011 and, despite a valiant effort to follow her dad in a science career, could not resist her culinary calling. She was formally trained in Calgary, Alberta and was inspired to start her own business after an internship with one of Canada’s most recognized female chefs. After graduating at the top of her class she spent an exciting year working in and tasting her way around Europe. She returned to the coast - this time to Salt Spring Island - because of the abundance of year-round fresh ingredients and to savour the island lifestyle once more (cooler climate notwithstanding).

Danya is the chef and owner of Lulu’s Apron. Bold flavours, beautiful colours, and new taste sensations are her passion.